Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Selective listening

People say cruel things
Sometimes, even heart-breaking
But really, sometimes, you do NOT have to put up with the load of shit
So, this is what I plan to discuss today,

Just because some people have verbal diarrhoea
and does not filter the things they say,
As if the information just slipped through the spinal cord,
Or rather, their cerebrum had shut down,
Or in simple layman terms, he does not have brains)
Well, it does not mean we cannot filter what we hear…
YES, that’s selective listening…

People always find excuses, or someone to blame, sometimes even something,
And sometimes, people are just darn sarcastic
Sometimes, it ain’t even funny
And sometimes, I hate it,
Like a lot,
And so, I just let it filter through..
I don’t even bother to ask them to shut up
Should I, anyway?
But to think of it,
You do not have to lower yourself to their level to communicate with them
It’s not really worth the effort
So ya, selective listening helps…

Some people enjoys criticising others to make themselves look good
I do not understand why
Is it really that amusing?
Some people ask questions when they don’t even want the answers
Either just for the sake of asking
Pretending that they care,
Please tell me they really do, they just do not know how to express,
And some people,
I just do not know how to deal with them…

Is it really that difficult to be nice, at least once in a while?
Is it really hard to give without expecting anything in return?
Perhaps, I still live in a fairytale book,
Welcome to the harsh reality,
Perhaps, in between the pages,
There will be,
Hope, faith and love…

Let’s start saying nice things to the people you meet,
Let’s be generous with compliments…
And if you really want to test my selective listening capacity,
Do wear a tag saying:

And I’ll just wear ear plugs and switch on my ipod… ^_^

( Written on January 15, 2008 at 05:26 AM )

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