Wednesday, September 29, 2010



It’s October again!! Yup. The supposing best month of the year! Triple 10 this year! Must be a very important moment, is it? I think I have reached the point where I stopped counting my age. Stopped believing in Boon Lee’s philosophy that [OLD IS GOLD]… not that I ever believed in it anyway… I mean, how could older ever be better??? Everything worsen when the age increases… higher risk of osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, stress, responsibility, burdens… everything.... not to forget, AGING…. Sigh… (okay, let’s all put all those negativity aside…)
Well, birthdays ain’t that bad, I suppose… at least we still have wishes (and gifts!!) to look forward to… yippie… but u know, getting a gift for someone can be somewhat challenging… so, this year, well, I made a list! ^^
1.      iphone 4 !!!! (please, please, please…)
2.      a HUGE HUGGABLE TEDDY BEAR!!! (Forever Friends bear would be nice ^^ )
3.      or maybe one of those cute one-eye-yellow-minions from Despicable me – the movie
4.      a white handbag, medium size, big enough to sling over shoulder but small enough for parties
5.      a watch, non-digital, water proof, preferably pink/black
6.      a vacation! (yeah, I need a break) and more holidays!
7.      an external hard disc (running low on disc space)
8.      Wii (that’ll be fun! )
9.      A new hairstyle – I wanna get some curls!
10.  WANG LEE HOM in person (hmm… still having fantasy… haha!)
11.  a small but warm birthday bash with close family&friends, maybe?
12.  a hospital transfer back to Seremban after housemanship
14.  SURPRISE!!!!
15.  SURPRISE!!!!!
16.  I know, I just loved surprises!! ^^
17. PURE HONESTY and some answers
18. To find a better meaning to life
19.  And of course, HAPPINESS, always… to the people around me whom I care… (and myself too)
Not an easy list, ei? I guess nobody will get me those gift… need to start saving… those I’m like totally broke for now… so,  sigh… oh well, no harm wishing….
Happy Birthday to me~


  1. "wishing on the airplanes on night sky are like shooting stars..."
    ur post reminds me that i should make a birthday wish list as well. dont know what i would really want for my birthday though...

    happy birthday in advance (just incase i forget, but how could it possibly slip off my mind? 10.10.10)

  2. 101010 is like a great date! not easy to come by. celebrate grandly with ur loved ones...happy birthday in advance shin yin =)

  3. i'm gonna pretend i never read this blog post...

    p/s. i'm sure for Kevin No. 1 is very affordable...

  4. hotchick~~~ no worries, ooi beng will buy u everything in the list! hehehe

  5. i come across your blog when i randomly search for 'house officer'. I'm a HO too, currently in 6th posting @ HPSF, Muar. I wish you all the best in your housemanship years (tiring yes, but i think it's one of the best life experience you can get. Not to forget, Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday - Wow a nice day for a perfect birthday :-) (enjoy)

  7. Its my Birthday also! 10.10.10 what a wonderful day! Im turning 21! Happy Birthday to you...Wish you all the bests


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