Sunday, June 20, 2010

I-City = cheap and nice dating place? = RM1

I was asleep in the car, the other day, too tired (and sleepy) after a sumptious Japanese Buffet... only to find myself in a whole new place when i woke up...

i could not believe my eyes..
OH MY GOD- i let out...
as i got up from my seat
There was trees lit with lights along the pathway... small, bright, pretty... it feels almost like Christmas... i can't help but to close my eyes and made a wish...

Fireworks lit the sky... we took a scroll down the colorful pathway... a live band playing Ronan Keating's 'You say it best, when you say nothing at all~'.... the cold breeze brushed against your skin... your hair flies back...

i was a little tired for that walk, but i've enjoyed it very much...

and the point is, i figure i should recommand the place as one of the CHEAPEST paktor place to go (dating spot)....

cost - RM1 (parking)

- surprised, joy, happiness~
=      ~priceless~

the colourful trees...

a bit tired.....

the sharp cactus...

more sharp cactusesss



  1. eh but i tot there like nothing one wor... just see see the lights only... abit boring wor... got restaurants to eat or not one?

  2. I mean the place looks perfect for dating - for couples eg shin yin, shin loo & their respective other half..cheers :)

  3. saw the glimpse of the place - canon Ixus advertisement on tv :)


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