Friday, April 21, 2006

Confession of a medic student #13 - Raymond's Philosophy

(April 21, 2006 at 12:02 PM)

You are a detective when seeing the patient,
You are a lawyer when presenting the case,
You are a doctor when rendering the treatment.
(Quoted from Prof Dr Raymond)

I attended Prof Raymond’s talk today. He’s one funny lecturer. He even has his very own philosophy! –he calls it the [Raymond’s Philosophy]… facing exams is one thing, treating and managing the patient is another, both equally important. "I never believe in saying [i want to be a good doctor], instead, say [i want to pass my exam] first. How can you be a good doctor when you fail and is NOT a doctor... pass your exam first then be a good doctor"he said. I didn't like the way he put that, i mean one can be a good medical student and still pass exams... be nice to the patients... but i guess he had his point...

I had a weird week… an exceptionally pleasantly weird week though… I met a number of ‘different’ people… and I wonder whether was it an omen… maybe, God was trying to say something… a language, I don’t quite understand yet… (then again, since when do I believe in omens?)

3 weeks had past… I’m getting used to going to the wards… the patients here are generally nice… sometimes I feel a little guilty when the patients thanked me for examining them… I mean, I should be thanking them for being my subjects… (no offence)... sometimes, knowing the problem but not being able to help much gave me a sense of helplessness...

the wards sometimes scares me… not that I’ve seen any ghost or spirits… it’s just that, seeing sick people made me treasure life even more… some diseases are very common… you may find half the patients in the wards having hypertension and diabetes mellitus! COPD, Myocardiac Infarction, Tumour – very commonly seen… there was once, i saw 5 Dengue cases in a ward!! before entering the wards, i had never anticipated these disaese to be that common... i mean sure, you know the statistic, but seeing them is another thing... and for your information, half the patients in the wards are smokers… (NEVER attempt smoking... it's bad for your lungs, vessels, heart, brain and can cause cancer in almost every part of one's body!!)

it hurts to admit that, sometimes, every doctor has his limits… you tried so hard, yet in the end, it’s all in God’s hands… then you start praying hard… last week, they had to discharge a hepatitis B patient, ‘there’s nothing else we can do’-the doctor said… and the family cried…

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